Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy-ish Campers

I can't believe that I'm 15 weeks pregnant today!
According to my pregnancy websites, baby is as big as a softball at this point.  Time is really flying.  I am closing in on the halfway point of my pregnancy!  I am happy to say that I am over my morning sickness. (Knock on wood!)  I feel pretty good.  
We even went camping!  

We stayed at the Ledges State Park.
Our campsite.
 Helping Daddy gather dry leaves for the fire.
 Campsite with our tent in the background.

Haven LOVED that she got to ride her trike for hours on end.  I usually get sick of sitting outside while she rides WAY before she's ready, so it really felt like a special treat to her.

And during the night, while Haven slept soundly I might add, we had an intruder to the campsite!  A big, fat raccoon opened our cooler and ate 4 of 6 of ours eggs!  Luke almost stabbed him with his knife.  I kind of wish he would have as the stupid critter wouldn't leave us alone THE WHOLE NIGHT!  He sat outside of our tent and gnawed on an empty water bottle for endless amounts of time, no matter how many times Luke got up to scare him away.  We're pretty sure he just lives at that campsite, eats campers food when they sleep, and stays fat, lazy, and happy.
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