Wednesday, December 5, 2012

oh yeah...

Oh yeah, I have a blog.
Kinda forgot.

Well, let's catch y'all up.

I'm pregnant, (Yes, again), with baby #3.
We'll find out if this little mango-sized darling is team blue or team pink on December 20th.  I am currently 18 weeks.  Time is flying this time around.  Probably because I have a been-there-done-that attitude about it.  Not that I'm not excited, but I'm pretty much an expert.  

At first I'm pregnant but feel normal, then I'm sickened by anything and throw up approximately 1.5 times a day, then it's like my body is trying to play catch-up and I could eat two breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day, followed by feeling pretty dang good, followed by feeling pretty dang huge, followed by feeling pretty dang impatient, followed by popping out a baby, followed by sniffing/kissing a newborn's sweet head for the rest of his or her life. 

We've almost lived in our house for a year now.  WOW!

It's almost Christmas and the excitement is building.  But I wish it would just stay cold instead of fluctuating each day between 70 and 30.  And I want some snow.  We've been watching Christmas movies almost daily, but I won't feel truly Christmasey until we get some dang snow.

Haven has her first Christmas concert tomorrow night.  Tear.  She practices all of her Christmas songs using vibrato.  I should try and get a video of that because it's HILARIOUS.

Parker is a salty-sweet princess stinker.  Possibly bi-polar.  (I kid, but seriously.  The girl goes from naughty to nice in .06 seconds flat.  Santa's going to be confused.  She'll probably get chocolate covered coal for Christmas to cover all the bases.)

Lukey is still a super hero police officer.  He went to rifle school and made RIFLE SQUAD! (As I like to call it, and he hates for me to call it.  I think it embarrasses him...  and I like it.  Wink wink.)

I'll try to get back to my blogging.  Pregnancy does something weird to my brain.  I forget about practically everything except for my kids - lucky for them!
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