Sunday, August 19, 2012


I always have a lot on my mind.
And I'm a big facebooker so I'm always updating.
And sometimes I'm scared people are thinking, "Will you shut up?!"
So I made a tumblr for my mind vomit.
Here it is, enjoy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

summer time warp

      Summer is really an odd thing once you're an adult.  It's like a time warp.  There's no set schedule.  TV programs are hit or miss.  Especially as a stay-at-home mom I face this daily.  I have the freedom to decide to go swimming at my mom's pool at the drop of a hat, but a lot of times it will mess up nap times and I have a couple of grumpy girls on my hands at the end of the day.

      Now don't get me wrong - I really LOVE summer.  It is the best and I kind of wish it would never end.  The thought of the pools closing and school starting still makes me feel sick to my stomach.  Leftover childhood trauma I guess.  The only real problem is that life without structure is chaos.  Chaos is fun, but it gets tiring.  We're just going to have to fit in as much swimming as we can before the pool closes.

      There is a lot about to happen in our lives.  Haven is turning 4 years old on Monday, August 20th, so of course we're having a birthday party.  I waited a really long time to plan it and luckily it has come together pretty easily.  Then on August 22nd, she starts preschool.  She'll be attending my husband and my alma mater, 5 days a week in the afternoons.  I can't believe she is old enough for that, but she is so ready.  She will absolutely thrive on being around other kids and coloring, reading, and writing every single day.  I am really excited for her.  And then, on August 29th she is starting gymnastics at Chow's - the gym where both Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas train, and where my sister happens to work.  
      Now I have to defend myself on this one.  After the Olympics there was a news story about how there was a HUGE boom of kids registering to go to Chow's.  Ever since before I had kids I always said if I had a girl I would get them into gymnastics at an early age so that they had an easier time with tumbling if they ever wanted to do cheerleading.  (Back story.  My sister and I were both competitive cheerleaders.  My mom was a cheerleader.  It's in our blood.  And my sister and I didn't learn to tumble until we were older and had a really hard time with it.  I always wished I had done gymnastics at a young age, because the girls that had done it were always on the best squads and it came so naturally to them.)  Plus, gymnastics is just one of the coolest sports.  Anyway, all that to say, my girls are both starting gymnastics at 4 years old, whether or not there is an Olympian training there.  I think 4 is a good age to start, young enough that they have plenty of time to get really good at it, and not too young so they won't pay attention.  (Haven did dance for two years, starting at the age of 2, and she just could not stay focused.  It was good socially, but my daughter is just not a dancer.  She doesn't like it.)  She is so excited to get started.  She has been wearing her new leotards around the house and performing "tricks" for us.  She will do somersaults, walk along the back of the couch, jump off the bottom stair, etc.  It's really cute.  I just hope she really loves it and wants to keep at it. 

      As you can see, we have a lot to look forward to.  I wish we lived in a climate where I didn't have to give up my pool time for the structure of fall, but I guess living in a place like Iowa makes the summer feel a little more special.

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