Thursday, June 24, 2010


We had some trauma in the Harden family today.  

Last night, Luke, Haven, and I house-sat for my Mom while she was up at Mayo getting her chemo.  It was actually kind of fun.  We enjoyed pizza rolls while my younger sister Chloe entertained Haven, and then got to experience my Mom's tempur-pedic bed that she raves about.  (Sorry Mom, I like mine better!)

This morning it was beautiful outside for the first time in over a week.  I looked outside and the pool looked beautiful, glistening in the sun.  We decided to go for a swim before heading home.  We swam for about an hour and then got out for a snack.  My friend Elizabeth came over and we all started swimming again.  

A little over a month ago my Mom bought Haven this "Lookout Treehouse" with a slide.  Lately, we've been pulling it up to the side of the pool , wetting down the slide, 
and using it as a make-shift water slide.  Haven thinks it is so cool!  She also likes to stick her head (and half her body) out the side and say, "Hiiii!"  
I kept telling her not to do that for fear of her falling.  

Well, today my fears came true.  One second we're all swimming and talking and playing, and the next Haven falls face first onto the cement.  Elizabeth, who was sitting right next to her, grabbed her and handed her to me.   She was bawling, of course.  (I would have too!)  Her face was all scraped up and starting to bleed.  I hugged her and wrapped her up with a towel and blotted her mouth.  Her tooth had gone slightly into her lip and was bleeding pretty bad, and the goose-egg on her head was already pretty large.  After she calmed down a little bit we got out of our wet swimsuits and headed to the walk-in clinic by my Mom's house.  

She wasn't too happy about the doctor looking in her eyes, touching her teeth, or pressing on her goose-egg (to check for skull fractures), but the doc said she would be just fine.  
Nothin' a little neosporin can't fix.

Praise God.

Lookin' pretty miserable.  Her lip is so swollen! :(

Check out that goose-egg!  It actually looks worse in person.

All bandaged up, trying to keep the neosporin on there.
Looking like a burn victim.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Year

Sadly these are the only pics taken from my reunion.  A shout out to b.a. for helping me with this outfit!!

On Saturday, I went to my 5 year class reunion.  5 years!  Can you believe it?!
I've been out of high school longer than I was in - that's nuts.
It was a great time.  We met at a classmate's house, where we grilled hot dogs, munched on fruit and chips, and hung around the pool.  
Luke and Haven came with me so they could meet all of my old friends. 
(Not that Luke didn't already know them.)
And of course, Haven was a charmer and everybody Oohed and Ahhed over her. 
That's my girl!

It was so much fun catching up with everybody.  
I am one of a few who are married and one of only two with a child.  So that ended up being a trending topic, and I picked up a new nickname among friends - "Mama."

I think one of the most bizarre things about seeing all of my high school friends "grown up" is that we're all having to get serious and get jobs and careers and families.  
One friend of mine is a police officer, another a labor and delivery nurse, another has a year left in the Air Force and then wants to go into law enforcement, and then there's me who is a stay at home mom with an almost two-year-old!  Mind boggling, simply mind boggling.

A LOT can change in 5 years.

To my DMC class of '05.  I love you guys.  Let's hang again soon!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Gap

      Sorry ahead of time everybody!  I have been a bad blogger the last couple weeks.  We've had birthdays, dinners, summer activities, and most notably, 
I started my new job at Baby Gap.  

      I kinda feel like I'm jumping the gun saying this, but I really, really like my new job.  After only a few days of training that may sound really premature.  But I can feel that it just fits.  

They are allowing me the few part time hours I was looking for so that I could maintain my Stay-at-home-Mom status.  I get some (much needed) time away from home which makes me feel refreshed when I get back.  And also, the discount is phenomenal - more than I could have hoped for.  I hope I continue to feel so excited about working.  I know the newness is going to wear off at some point, but as for now I'm extremely happy! 

And look!  We're already reaping the benefits! 
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