Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mountain Air Optimism

Today I feel optimistic. I think that has something to do with the vacation to the Black Hills that I just came back from. Anything seems possible after a week of relaxation.  But what I really took from it this time is that life is all about the moments you spend with the people you love.  Seems obvious, but think about it.  Working doesn't sound like very much fun, but we do it for what we get out of it.  Fulfillment and a paycheck.  When we work we make our lives easier by providing assets to our family and are therefore able to spend more time with them and those are the moments we remember and the moments we cherish.

Moments are so fleeting.  I was thinking about our vacation and the time we spent throwing the frisbee around and playing bocce ball.  In the moment it was so fun and now it's only a memory.  We don't have pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it that it happened.  My thoughts drifted to my Papa who has now been gone for almost 5 years in September.  He was always present in my life for the first 22 years and then one day he died and he just ceased to exist.  22 years is a long time, but now they are a memory.  I do have pictures of my Papa and I love to look at them.  I love to talk about him and keep him alive and real in my mind, but that's all I have now.  

I have recently become the owner of a salon.  (That's a whole other story.)  Sometimes it is really hard.  I've always been pretty good at sales and I am definitely a people person.  I can befriend almost anybody.  But there is more to owning a business than just being kind and a good salesperson.  There are more components.  I am a hairstylist and that's what I like to do and I don't really want to deal with some of the other details that this job entails, but that's what I am going to do anyway because I decided to do something so that my family could have a better life.  All this comes back to moments with my family.  At the end of my life I am going to think back and what am I going to remember?  I am going to remember my time spent on vacation with my children, my loving Papa, dates with my husband, dinners with my family.  I'm not going to think about how work is not always that fun.  

A positive thought for your day.  Do something you love and do it so well you get paid for it.  And then spend every waking moment with people you love.  That's all that matters.
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