Sunday, September 25, 2011

fashion flashback

Lately things have been a little too dramatic for my liking.  
But I think everything has settled down quite a bit and I apologize for my last post being so melancholy.  Seriously not like me.  

So let's have a fun post this time!

I have a feeling the 90's are about to make a comeback in the fashion department.
I'm not a fashion guru, but I try hard...sometimes.*

I'm on a hunt for a good pair of boots.  Actually I have been on this hunt for a couple years.
I have a problem, and that problem is being 5 foot 10.**
Literally every year I look for boots and just haven't seen any that I like.
Due to my height, they can't have a heel.  I know, I know.  You're going to tell me, 
"Be confident.  Even a tall girl can rock a heel!"  
Hey, I know!  I've heard it.  I don't want it.
My husband isn't exactly the tallest man.  I'm taller than him by an inch flatfooted.
So adding any height at all makes me much taller than him, and let's be honest - that's just not cool.  
So now you're going to tell me, 
"Oh c'mon, look at Nicole Kidman - she towers over Keith Urban."  
I've actually been compared to Nicole Kidman in the past (more so in my young, thin, pre-children, college-cheerleader days.  But I still get it from time to time), but still I am not comfortable with the height difference. 
Get over it.

All that to say, I can rule out any boots with any amount of heel.
This year's collection of boots is blowing my mind however.
There are so many pairs of boots without heel that I can't decide between them!  
I currently have four pairs in my virtual shopping bag and am trying to narrow them down.
One pair that I for sure want is totally reminding me of the movie,
"Hocus Pocus".***
Do you remember the character "Allison" who was "Max Dennison's" love interest?
That's the best picture I could find of Allison.
Just watch the movie sometime and watch for her boots.

Do you remember what she wore?
Yeah, totally the boots I want.

Don't they scream 1993?!
So cool!
They actually come in three other colors.  Which do you like?

I'm not a fan of the white.

Anyway, don't really know how to wear these, but I want them.  And I'll figure it out.
I've got a fashion expert friend that will teach me the ways of the boot.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments. 
Love'm? Hate'm?
Actually, if you hate them, keep it to yourselves. ha.

*I am a mom of young children.  And that usually translates to disheveled, unwashed hair, a t-shirt or sweatshirt, jeans, and a little too much pudge around the middle if you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down...

**Yes, I'm a tall woman, and proud.  But that makes it difficult to buy clothes and shoes.
I have to buy tall jeans, but they're usually a bit too long so they get frayed from being dragged under my heel.  And of course, I'm too lazy (or just don't have enough energy to take my girls with me) to get my pants hemmed.  No excuses - I just need to do it!

***I can't help but to love that movie.  Especially this time of year. Squeal!
When I was little I remember renting that movie and I watched it on repeat for a couple days.
We went to church on Sunday and somebody told my parents that it was an evil movie and I shouldn't be allowed to watch it anymore.  
For real people?
I totally own it now, and watch it religiously during this time of year.  Don't mind the pun! ;)


Carolyn said...

I love that movie too! Such a classic! Evil? You've got to be joking me.

P.S. Be lucky your legs can fit into any kind of boots. I've been yearning for knee-high "riding" boots (yes, as in Equestrian- yee haw lol) for years now but have the biggest calves known to man, er, make that woman. I love my athletic legs but they make it very, very hard to find any boots that fit. :(

Courtney said...

I could watch it every day until Halloween is over....and then continue.

I love boots! I wonder if you could find some "wife-calf" boots somewhere. Tried googling it?

Courtney said...

And, of course, by "wife-calf" I meant "wide-calf". ;)

Courtney said...

Update: I ordered the second pair of boots. The brown ones laced to the top. :)

Carolyn said...

J.Crew has some that I love and they are wide-calf (although, wife-calf would be rather humorous :)) but they are SOO expensive!! Perhaps a Christmas possibly next Christmas. haha.

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